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*_* [13 Mar 2003|11:41pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i had one of the best nites i have had in awhile.

went out to dinner with heather & her friend Janet. applebees. very good. back to the dorm to chill. then we made a cd of songs i love and songs i would never listen too. since we had nothing better to do we did the hs thing and drove around for an hour. in search of mint tea snapple. we finally found one. checked out NewB a lil. chill chill. very good nite. now heather is leving for a week :(

otherwise i HAVE to go to history tomorrow. and then english. and then who knows. im driving home right after work tomorrow nite so i should prob go pack some shit up. got some stuff to do at home this weekend. cool cools.

now ive got to finish some work. yah. nite nite

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* <3 * [13 Mar 2003|12:15am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

while i want for my chicken finger...yes 1...to cook...i might as well update.

been awhile eh? my girls are home, sooo ive been chillin. not goin to a classes. sometimes. too bad in midterms.

last nite went to dinner w/ kate and chrissy. then we went to kates to read through all the notes that i wrote to her. oh god it was so humorous. i was such a dork. soo many boys, sooo little time. haha. good times we had. tonite i went to class and then went out with kate, chrissy and some boys. always a good time.

home this weekend to do some family stuff. now thats fun. plus my whole coughing, breathing thing has been getting worse. damn.

otherwise my life has been pretty normal. nothing too big. spring break from school next week. yah for sleeping in. but i still have work. no fabulous college spring break for nichole. damn. how i will miss the drunken trips to the warmer states with horrible people.

gots to get some sleep b/c lil kate and her new friend invisible katie are coming over tomorrow morn. invisible katie is now living with us b/c her mom & dad and then her sisters & bro nichole, jamie and tj all died in a fire and invisible katie doesnt want to live with her grandmother. oh boy does this chick have a good imagination. gotta love her. my lil mini me :)

nite loves

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[06 Mar 2003|06:06pm]
yay for snow & sleet. worked 1-430. not bad at all. still very sick. fuuuck this. im just in a verrrry happy mood and i dont know why.

this weekend....ahh gonna kick ass. Kick the Keg tomorrow nite w/ most my girls back in town. then a PJ-DJ party at Jax on Sat. but first, Face First & New direxion show. ahhh sweetness.

im contemplating history tomorrow. i have to go to english.

ok sooo im just in a fuckin good mood. gonna go lay around and mb go to the mall. ahh lata losers...
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[04 Mar 2003|01:51pm]
[ mood | sick ]

so i sit here very tired with my nose constantly running. its just gross. im so sick of tissues. and i had lotion tissues. they just make my nose feel worse.

so all weekend i did work. shocked, i know. i studied/outlined a lot for my history midterm tomorrow. i have a bunch to finish up tonite. oh yeah.

last nite was funnnnnny. so me and rach went out to eat. picked up laur in New Bruns and then went over to BN for some jackie lovin. jackies horrible manager yelled at her for something stupid so rachel is gonna call and complain about her. haha. sooo after BN we go back to laurens house in New B just to chill. i wanted to leave a lil early b/c i was tired and still had to finish up my english homework. so around 11 we go outside and look at my car......

welllllllll when we parked, we were right at the yellow curb. no one could of parked in front of us b/c it would of been illegal. so we thought were all cool and would be able to just drive straight up and get out since there was tons of snow and ice on the driver side b/c of plowing. welllll i tried. and i couldnt get out. we yelled to see if anyone come out to claim their Honda Civic, but no. people came out and walked by and just told us to call the cops, so i did. i didnt want to, but there was no way in hell i was gettin the Jetta out of there. so the RU police come real quick and i tell him whats wrong and hes like ok, and drives away. i wasnt sure if he was coming back, but he did. sooo me, rach, and laur are standing outside freezing this whole time. ouch. he puts on his lights to see if it will draw attention and people would come out. but no. one guy did, he was parked somewhat in front of the car that was in front of me...and he moved his car. haha. sooo the tow truck finally came. it swung in there, hooked it up and took it away. ouch. i feel like a bitch. but dont park illegally up to someones bumper. not cool. sooo if you have a honda civic w/ PA license plates parked on Delanfield last nite....haha sorry sucka....

now im just sick. i want to sleep but i have work.


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make your move [04 Mar 2003|09:34am]
[ mood | crappy ]

i need to update this thing. esp after last nite. haha so fun. probably tonite while i should be studying for my history midterm.

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*you'd like to think i have it easy* [28 Feb 2003|01:58pm]
[ mood | so sick of being tired. so tired of being sick :-( ]

im still fuckin sick. i keep rachel sneezing and it wont stop!

where did the snow go? i was all excited to be able to stay home today and sleeeeeep. not even a inch. damn media events.

so i went to history & english. i have a midterm for history on Wed. So this weekend i will be studying my ass off. then i just remembered i have my Comm midterm Wed nite. oh what a wonderful week it will be.

going home tonite. mom has to go somewhere tomorrow so i told her i would watch kate. plus i think ill be able to get more work done there b/c i wont be so distracted by this stupid computer and friends. i neeeeeed to do well on the history.

sooo im just waiting around for dana now. we're goin out to lunch and then to leal. another exciting afternoon.

maybe an update from me while im pulling out my hair trying to figure out the causes of the French Revolution later this weekend.....

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[27 Feb 2003|09:26am]
[ mood | moody ]

if my mom doesnt come here tonite and im up at 9 when i dont have anything to do...i'll be kinda pissed.

i havent talked to her since i called flipping out about my death trap of a car. she told me to buy my own and hung up on me. maybe they should say that to my brother. oh wait my grandfather bought my brother a 96 blazer. riiiiiiiiiiight.

last nite had some good DD bonding w/ heather. becoming a ritual for us. always good stuff to catch up on. for once the boys in our life arent causing us THAT much problems.

ok i guess ill go clean up around here b/c ive got nothing better to do. i thought it was supposed to snow?! no class tomorrow would just kick ass...

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[25 Feb 2003|01:17pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

im not gonna even bother with the details of the hospital or the drama w/ my ovaries. its better for now. sooo its all good.

im stressing over this fuckin Soc class and the asshole professor. im wicked behind in history. english is acually good, just some work to do. i have a history mideterm next Wed. eek. mucho studying for me. 5 chapters for history drama i just dont care about.

otherwise its been ok. i just have to figure out this Soc thing. i reallllly dont want to go to the class. im just gonna wait to drop it i think. i fuckin hate school. i just want to drop out and someone take me on tour......

ahh well gonna work for a bit then lunch w/ dana and then LEAL. home to start the hisroy stuff i need to catch up on. oh fun....

later losers...

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it has looked worse.... [21 Feb 2003|08:43pm]
damn me and my live journal skills are lacking....

sooo lets start it off right. Tues nite i couldnt breathe. i tried everything from a hot shower to breathing into a bag. just wasnt working. i was about to drive my ass to the rescue squad when my mom showed up. she knew i wasnt feeling well so she drove to NB in the snow and ice. she brought me a nebulizer and some meds. did that and felt a lil better. she made me some tea and then she slept over. next morn i was hoping for no classes, but of course we have them...damn. so i feel ever worse so i have to go to the dr. my bro drives down from ringoes and he come with me b/c he is sick too. i wasnt even listening to the dr about what i had. i just wanted the meds. which i got now, so its all good...

so my mother tells me i have to come home. she wants me to rest b/c if i dont then this asthma attack could turn into something worse. i didnt want to b/c i needed to go to class and to work, but she made me. so that meant i would be missing 2 history, 2 + 1 last fri of Fam and Marriage, 1 engligh and 1 comm. i emailed/called the teachers. of course only my awesome teacher emailed me back. more on that later....

so i come home and sleep. sleep some more. mommy makes me good food and gets me movies at blockbuster. oh so nice. def a get better enviro i needed. and mom said she would give me the money i would make missing at work. soo its all good.

until this morning. i finally get in touch w/ my asshole Fam & Marriage professor. he like is soo rude and such a jerk, i actually started to cry when i was off the phone. he was like just drop the class. like didnt care what i had to say, that was it. fuck him. so my mom is flipping of course. b/c there is no reason for this guy to treat me this way at all. so i call advising and talk to them. and i talk to his supervisor type person. didnt really help me out. but i have to go and see what to do. like i could drop it and like fool the insurance company about my credits. and then try to get my money back. or just stick w/ it. but this guy is an asshole and i know he'll like embarass me in class. hes just way too intimidating for a fuckin community college. takes his job way to serious.

so that bummed me out. i dont even know where i left off last....

my arm from my falling at villanova is better. still hurts like a bitch. i needed to get out today so i made my mom take me to the cd store in flemington. Alwick. got the new juliana and was totally surprised to see Face First "overexposed" i asked the guy if he knew them. he knew about them and everything. i was siked. if i hadnt already had that cd it would of even been better. i love seeing locals like that in stores. yeahhh see FF on 3/8

i need to sleep early tonite. im actually goin back to NB working the last day of bball and then coming back here. cant wait for classes to start again...oh joy.

much love
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[16 Feb 2003|09:16pm]
[ mood | sore ]

so im back and somewhat rested.

sooo Friday nite. good ol' v-day. kim picked me up from work early and we headed to philly. yes we did get a little lost and the stop and go was killing my stomach, but by asking people on the streets we finally got there. fiction plane was ok, again. then ahh something corporate. we had a good spot on the step. perfect view. it was just awesome. another perfect SoCo set. then juliana theory. who was even better than the nite before. and they didnt take that stupid encore shit either. me and kim had a blast.

work up early satuday. worked all day. picked up my girls and we headed to villanova. the ride was good. we made great time. my first time driving on the turnpike :) b/c we all know how much i loooove to drive.

we got there, got some food and pregamed. yeahhh rasp twist & fruit punch. we headed over to the gym. spindle was bad. fiction plane was once again ok. the crowd fuckin sucked. most the girls there are sorority let me wear my pearls and carry my designer bags. yeahhh. they suuucked. hated that. but something corporate was once again perfect and made me happy. we left the last song when they were playing jordan blah blah blah.

sooo we get outside. jackie went to go pick up snow and i thoguht she was gonna throw it sooo i start to run, more like sprint. but i didnt get anywhere....b/c i slide across the pavement. ouch. i got up and just started walking away leaving my laughing friends behind. the whole left thigh is scratched and black and blue. oh then my elbow. its just gross looking. i took a pic of it if you really wanna see. haha. and i totally fucked up the outside of my cover. good job nichole

since it was freezing out and we were tired we were gonna go back and drink. but we ended up putting our PJs on and ordering some food. so we just gossiped, my friends made fun of me and we crashed. got up early to come home b/c laur had work. i started to freak b/c it was snowing there and my 89 does not handle at all in the snow. but as soon as we got on the Penn tpk it was all good. made it home in an hour. very impressive.

so dad called and told me i could park in the garage since g-pa in in FL. soooooo that means no snow on the car to clean off :)

but oh so much snow we have here too. lets hope for now classes on Tues. how sweeeeeet.

soo im just laying around. my elbow stopped throbbing finally. im gonna stay up and sleep late. ahh perfect.

until then...

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[14 Feb 2003|01:24pm]
last nite was very cool. standing in line for an hour was not so fun. but once we got inside we got our spots. hoping some people would move, but they didnt. vendetta red and fiction plane sucked. then came something corporate. the floor starting moving. i had a nice spot right by the edge of the sound "booth". the guy was cool. he let me stand there. and later on he even got me something corporates set list. sooooo then the floor starts moving. fuckin lil bitches cant stand it. so the peace keepers gotta grab these little whores out. and then they try to stand in front of me. hellllllll no. im usually cool w/ people at shows, but not girls like this. i was def telling them all they needed to back the fuck up. i think jackie and heather were suprised. i loooove being a bitch.

something corporate was good. but of course these stupid girls kept coming up and kinda ruining it for me. but they played an hour. which seemed forever. it was good and all. but just a long time. good songs, hate punk rock princess and if you c jordan as usual. but was cool.

so juliana theory. ahh incrediable. they played a lot of new shit, but it was good. im getting the cd tonite when i go to philly w/ kim. but then they always do this thing where they like leave w/ some synthasized music. and they were gone for like 5 min. expecting the crowd to be like woooo hoooo ::clap clap clap:: - except no one was. me jackie and heather were trying our best - but the crowd obviously was there for SoCo. but they finally came out. awesome finale. then i talked to their sound guy and got their set list. ahhh smooth me.

overall it was a good show. just need to think twice about goin to sold out shows at birch hill again. i dont think so...

sooooo tonite is the same show at Troc w/ Kim. leaving work early. that should be fun. even though i am tired, cant keep my eyes open and my nose is a fuckin faucet over here. we'll just chill back and enjoy it. not dealing w/ the fuckin little girls. tomorrow i have to go work bowling, basketball and then right after that we are leaving for Villanova for yet another Something Corporate show. ahh yes i think i am obsessed. i just hope they play some different stuff....

be back sunday sometime :0

oh yeah - happy valentines
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here i go.... [12 Feb 2003|11:47pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

damn i never do this anymore.

Wed was one of my 12 hour days. classes, work and another class. oh joy. drama free for the most.

tomorrow, Friday, Saturday - 3 days Something Corporate & 2 days Juliana Theory....ohh yes. plus a lil road tripage on Sats to Villanova w/ my girls Laur & Heath - should fuckin rock. wicked excited.

now im sitting here w/ a wet head. kinda cold. b/c i just took a freezing shower b/c for some reason. and i neeeded to shave. so even more time in the cold water. killer.

now i have to straighten this mess. fun fun.

until Sunday.....

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[09 Feb 2003|10:01pm]
[ mood | cold ]

not concerned with anything, no tears
I'M DONE WITH THAT SHIT....drown myself away. goodbye. this is getting over you (alktrio)

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'scuse me while i kiss this guy..... [08 Feb 2003|08:38pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i never update this shit anymore.

snow day yesterday. verrrry awesome. except i wasnt too sure about us making it to the show. well we didnt....for more than one reason. totally not cool when you buy tix for someone and the day of the show they dont call, and never answer their phones or anything. sooo we didnt go to the show. b/c i didnt know where i was goin. and i didnt want to drive in the city. soooo she fuuuucked us over. not cool at all. you dont do that to your friends. and im the one who paid for the tix, so im out that money.

but me and heather went out to eat. tried the olive garden, but it didnt work. too long of a wait. since we had 920 tix for the movie. sooo Ruby Tuesday was ehh ok. then we went and picked up her roomie Nora and went to go see "How to lose a guy...."
it was super cute. but the boys names in movie was freaky...ahh heather!

so today i had to help leslie w/ bowling, then i went to bball. after that i did a lil blockbuster run. then laur came and picked me up and we did some Target and Applebees. always fun!

tonite i dont want to sit here alone - someone come visit me! i just dont want to go out. laying here watching movies. oh joy. the good thing is i am all caught up on my work since we didnt have class on Fri. ahh sweet.

ok so back to watching Unfaithful in bed.

until then.....

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"i just want our hearts to fall in love and be tight" face first [06 Feb 2003|11:24am]
[ mood | my nose is all stuffy ]

ok so kate is over and should prob be working my on paper due tomorrow at 11 -- but im not

ive been like up and down allll week long. stupid, stupid, stupid. i just dont know what to think anymore. except "we're both so all fucked up. i dont know but what to do. it just makes me want to scream. isn't it about time that we try and get it right" (lifetime)


umm Used/Finch/Movielife show tomorrow w/ jax & heather. lets hope the snow isnt that bad. im driving to philly. eek!

i skipped history yesterday. yah for no quiz! so i didnt miss too much.

got a hair cut. i dyed it black again last nite. i have to call megan so she can do the red in it on monday. but after i tried to dry it, it never looks like it does after you leave the salon. damn hair.

umm oh yeah i totally forgot! i was leaving MCC last nite after class, and the weird guy from my comm class last semester hit me! like hit, no damage to mine, but i was freaked out. first time ive ever been hit. well w/ me driving. scary shit man. but the VW is all good. good german car.

ok im goin to target and applebees w/ mom. then to pick up the car from the garage, leal and late nite. and i have tons of work to do so i better get my ass in gear.

laters lovers :)

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[06 Feb 2003|01:08am]
someone needs to explain donnie darko to me!!!! i know one of you has seen it! if not go see it so you can explain it to me!!!!!
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heathers words of wisdom [05 Feb 2003|12:09am]
[ mood | determined ]

a guy will never be friends with a girl he is not attracted to. true or false?

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ive been lost the past few days.... [04 Feb 2003|09:18am]
[ mood | awake ]

i havent had anything to say so the past few days sooo...

just went home for the weekend. was really bored. this weekend im staying in NB and determined to find something to do! Fri is the Used/Finch/Movielife show - semi excited. but i realllllllly cant wait until next week. three days in a row :)

i should be sleeping for another half hour but i just woke up outta no where. damn body. i have english at 11 so its cool. im totally lost on one of my papers, so im sure they crazy teacher will help us out and ill prob end up re-writting the whole thing. oh shit i just rememberd i forgot to write my stupid journal entry for that class. damn i have nothing to write about. mb i should just write about lj and all the people who read mine. oh yeah i know who you are ;-)

ok so heather and jackie - im not so sure. mb it is worth it? mb i am getting somewhere. i have no fuckin idea though. i wish things like this were just simple. ive though it was worth for the past 2 years and it hasnt been. mb now? grrr

ok i have to go write my lame thing for english. until then my loves....

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[29 Jan 2003|10:00pm]
[ mood | sad ]

im so fuckin upset. my sister kate went to the Dr today to have her allergy test done. and it turns on shes allergic to cats. we have 5 cats. we had 6, but jeremy died last nite :(

so we have to get rid of our cats. my poor mom is a mess. shes so upset about jeremy dying and having to get rid of the other ones. we might just keep lucky & GT w/ they are so old already. But Bob, Buzz and Pumpkin arent even a year old!!

i think i might take Pumpkin. I just have to see how he messes w/ Miss Marley over here. girls & boys...i dont know about that.

sooo im upset about that.

and im just fuckin upset about other stuff. heather & jax, i really dont think its worth it anymore. obviously im not worth it so FUCK HIM! dave brought up some good points today. he was totally right. maybe it is FINALLY time to give up for good.

mommy isnt coming to NB tomorrow. so ill just sleep and lounge around. i need it. i have bunches of work to do.

thats about it

RIP Jeremy

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"is it really worth it?" [27 Jan 2003|11:07pm]
[ mood | sick ]

so. hmmm. ummm he really fuckin sucks. not too much on purpose. but just makes me mad. its really all my fault. i keep doing it over and over again by keeping myself in this posistion. i must like the heart break. but i cant give up. not until i get what i want. which seems like never.

so im sick. i woke up this morn feeling really icky. me and moms went to EMS and BN for some chill time. got 3 new cds. an old school Juliana Theory & Alkaline Trio. and the newest Keepsake. very nice.

i called out of work b/c i was just not feeling any better. sneezing like crazy and headache. i drove home and thoght i was gonna puke the whole way. came home and slept. did some work. i needed to get out of the house so i went and chilled at heathers. yah!

a lil BN bonding w/ heather & jax. yeahhhh we need some new guys. ours suck.

now im still feeling sick and still have work to do. i need to get my shit together tomorrow. thank god i only have one class. but then leal & late nite. oh joy.

i gotta go blow my nose and read some history.

later losers

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